From somewhere so dark and cold… to such a gentle and warm environment

When I was asked if I’d like to speak (at AGM) about my experience with Hafan Cymru, I jumped at the opportunity. I was so proud and excited to share my experience with this wonderful company!

When Hafan took me in, I was the shell of my former self, I was extremely anxious, withdrawn, and had no ambition to better myself.  I just wanted to waste away.  I didn’t think I could get back to the person I used to be and I haven’t.  I’ve become 10 times stronger and wiser than I ever thought was possible, even exceeding my own expectations of myself.

I know for a fact this would never have been possible without Hafan’s help.  I came from an extremely abusive situation I was stuck in for many years and when I eventually got out I was ready to let myself waste away to a life of drugs and alcohol, I didn’t think I was worth the time to put the effort into fixing.

When you come from somewhere so dark and cold and to be welcomed to such a gentle and warm environment, I was bewildered.  With that first one to one session, I knew I made the right choice in coming here.  I can’t stress enough how hard each and every staff member has worked day in, day out to build each and every one of us back up.  They knew it would take as long as it needed to but still they never stopped working so hard to encourage us to better ourselves and throughout all the meetings and TP’s (Tenant Participation) that we had, I started to learn.  With Glenis and her Thursday sessions about healthy relationships, I have learned that what happened to me wasn’t my fault, and the warning signs to prevent me from being fooled again.  (I learned) How to have a healthy relationship with people or work.  They have given me the tools to build myself a new life – a life I can be proud of!

The staff at Hafan have relentlessly put so much tender care into all of its residents and I can’t fit into a few minutes how truly amazing they all have been. It’s like trying to sum up the most amazing movie in 2 minutes.  They have never made us feel like our problems aren’t big enough to listen to and work on.  I wish that anyone who has been through what I have finds a place like this, where they can heal and grow with help and support along the way.

I just wanted to thank Hafan and the staff for all the tools they have given us and the blue prints to make myself proud!  I feel strong and independent and I have never been so proud of myself, and what I’ve achieved.   Here’s to helping many more people along the way!