Stori Launches Equality Plan 2023-2026

This week we are proud to launch our Equality Plan 2023-2026. At Stori we’re committed to promoting equality and diversity across our organisation and our plan helps us to set our practical steps to help us do this. We’re looking forward to sharing more about the work we are doing around equality and giving you regular updates as we fulfil our plan over the next three years.

What is an Equality Plan?

Our Equality Plan sets out our approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and outlines the commitments we are making over the next three years. It is a ‘living’ document that can be adapted in line with the changing needs of our clients, colleagues and partners, as well as the external environment.

Why Do We have Equality Plan?

Because promoting equality is it’s fundamental to the way we work. Valuing peoples’ differences and promoting equality are central to our core values and helps us to understand our staff, tenants and clients better, as well as positively contributing to better overall governance of our organisation.

You can read our full Equality Plan 2023-2026 here