Our Social Impact

We work from a strong ethical core across all we do and with input from people we support, partners and our own team, we’ve developed robust policies to make sure that we’re always doing the right thing for people and planet. They cover four key areas:

Sustainability and energy efficiency – our focus is on continually minimising our footprint, year in, year out, making our properties as heat efficient as possible and engaging with schemes to drive this through our workplaces.

Health and safety – it’s vital that everyone feels that their health or safety is important to us, whether they work at Stori, are supported by us, or come into contact with us in other ways. Our health and safety policy comprehensively covers both physical and mental considerations.

Equality and diversity – we make sure everyone we come into contact with, both inside Stori and out, is treated fairly by us.

Language – we commit to making our services available in Welsh and English, wherever possible.