Who we are

About us

In an ideal world, everyone should have a home where they can thrive. But the world isn’t ideal, and that’s why we’re here.

We began as Hafan Cymru more than thirty years ago, to help people living in fear of domestic abuse. Today, we’re here for anyone in a situation that makes it hard to live safely at home. That could be due to mental health problems, substance misuse, domestic violence or other challenges. We provide the space, support and skills for those times when people are ready to build themselves a brighter, safer future.

We became Stori in 2023 because we felt it said more about us – we support people to change their own story for the better, in many positive ways. A fresh start with the right support is just the beginning.

Our values

We treat everyone with kindness, as an individual, offering equal access to opportunities. We pride ourselves on a creative, versatile approach that people can count on. And in doing that, we hope to inspire those around us and to share our practices with others to help them to create positive outcomes, too.

Flexible – everyone’s circumstances are different, so we approach them differently, too.

Fair – equality is core to all that we do.

Inspiring – our focus is always on the potential.