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We’re here for people who find themselves in situations that make it hard to live safely.

Everyone’s needs are different. Sometimes it’s about finding a safe space to live. Sometimes it’s about developing the skills and confidence to build a brighter life.

Whatever the situation, we develop and tailor our knowledge and experience to match their individual circumstances. For over thirty years, we've given adults and families the support they need to build the positive life they deserve.

The difference we make

We support people to change their own lives for the better. In 2021-22 we…

  • Supported 4,000+ people
  • Gave sanctuary to people in our 152 units around Wales
  • Successfully helped 680 people to access government funding
  • Educated 5,978 children about healthy relationships
  • Welcomed over 1,000 men into our Men’s Sheds

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Mae na yn golygu na, bob tro // no only ever means no.

Os nad oedd caniatâd, ry’n ni yma i ti.


If there wasn’t consent, we’re here for you.

☎️ 0808 80 10 800
📱 0786 0077333
📩 [email protected]

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Live Fear Free Helpline

Live Fear Free can provide help and advice to:

  • anyone experiencing domestic abuse
  • anyone who knows someone who needs help, for example, a friend, family member or colleague
  • practitioners seeking professional advice.

All conversations with Live Fear Free are confidential and are taken by staff that are highly experienced and fully trained.

Memberships and accreditations